Neighbor store that advertises "shampoo, onions bananas, and motor oil"
Student delivering bananas to the Seminary kitchen
Barbro, Roland & Staff In The Seminary Kitchen
Three students ready for the Lord's assignment!
New leaders of the Amazon Advance Seminar, Pastors Leovigildo and Pascuela
In The Seminary Kitchen
Staff with some of the graduating men & women
Leovigildo shows the map over the jungle where the next mission team will go with him as the leader
View Of Amazon River From Amazon Advance Seminary
Note The New Roof: Thanks to all of you for making this a reality!
Left to right: Ticuna Village Chief, Doctor-teacher and a Pastor/student
First Day Of Class January 14, 2014
God Has Decorated The Garden Outside Our House
Following Jesus in water baptism
Special prayer time for special needs
Some of our students. We love and miss them all!
Stirring the farinja
Registering Students
Lecture on Government: God's, Family and Society
Music Class
I too want to register for class!